Sultan of Symmetry in Warsaw

flex-150x150At the end of August, Kenneth “Flex” Wheeler, one of the most celebrated bodybuilders in the world, will visit Warsaw yet again. He will be promoting MEX Nutrition’s new line of supplements, Flex Wheeler’s Pro Line. During his visit in Warsaw, video footage will also be shot to be used in a documentary about this outstanding bodybuilding star.

During his intensive two-day stay (August 25-26th), Flex will take part in many meetings, not only with media representatives, but most of all with fitness and bodybuilding fans, and enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle.

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08/22/2014, 14:41

Flex Wheeler Named Vice President at Muscle Excellence

certyfikatMuscle Excellence Inc., operating under MEX Nutrition, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Flex Wheeler, an IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Icon, as Vice President and Spokesperson.
As of January 1, 2014, Flex Wheeler will serve as a new Vice President and official spokesperson for Muscle Excellence Inc. and its MEX Nutrition brand. MEX will also launch Flex Wheeler’s Pro Line as a line of MEX Nutrition supplements that will be dedicated to athletes and will be a212-055 part of expos, seminars and informal meetings around the world. Flex Wheeler has extensive knowledge in the field of nutrition, bodybuilding and years of experience participating in the international IFBB Pro Bodybuilding League.

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07/23/2014, 8:38